Sunday Morning...

so we went to one of our fave cafe in Hanoi this morning. :) i bought some simple very traditional probably can only be bought in vietnam street snacks.

I did also ordered these 2 chunky oversized scarves to combat the winter blues (no not really, i just really want to have some chunky oversized fuzzy scarves!!). They're from asos. 

I used to have a few wonderful really chunky oversized knit scarves which i bought from Australia. However dear hubby has decided that since my move back to live in Ho Chi Minh city - i don't need such thick scarves anymore - so he got rid of them. 
*sob* now low and behold, we had to move to Hanoi - and winter in Hanoi is freezinggggg - :'( and am without any of my super chunky knitted scarves? noooo.

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