summer rains

it rained heavily last night, and this morning too. somehow summer rains just bring me a slight excitement, like a refreshment, a cool iced lemon teas on a hot day. 


summer days...

So Hanoi summer days have started with some rains, which helped a great deal to cool the heat down a little bit. I really do enjoy a "ca phe sua da" (vietnamese milky iced coffee). I purchased some painting papers, pens and drawing supplies, and even a small palette of watercolor to draw and pass sometimes. 

we're applying for visa to europe, hopefully that will be done soon. Unfortunately there is some Mers viruses going around in Korea and some countries similarly to sars. This put me off traveling for a bit, but i really really do eant to be able to travel to europe. Bry and I have never been there, and i'm sooooo excited that we have a chance to go soon. So please let the virus be over soon... so we can all safely go travel.

Bry turned the big master bedroom into our little living room/study/entertainment room, and we're loving it. I have a hugr window with a beautiful view, he has his big TV to watch football, we have a cozy room with airconditioning to cool off and chillax during this summer. I'm with a book, or drawing, or playing with laptop while he watches football or play on his ipad.. this makes a wonderful relaxing evening for both of us. 


garnet with rose gold

it is just simply amazing 😍😍😍

This is a red garnet with rose gold ring, which will be my newest addition to my jewelery collection. 



a little coffee shop in Hanoi where I love to hang.

And my favorite drink vietnamese iced coffee with milk. Perfect combo for a hot summer day... Add in my favorite companion, le hubby 😘 then i am contented.