lunch with hubby

It's still freezing in Hanoi. It's so difficult to  get up early in the morning to exercise.

We had Chả Cá for lunch, it was amaaaazing. Afterward, we had drinks at the Kitchen in Tay Ho District. I didn't think much of the Kitchen, it was alright, a little bit similar to Puku cafe but I liked Puku much better.

Tay Ho district in Hanoi is a little similar to Thao Dien of Ho Chi Minh city. The area looked nice, heaps of nice looking houses and a lot of expats live in this area of Hanoi.

I found An Nam Gourmet market on Xuan Dieu St, Tay Ho too!!! I bought myself a bottle organic maple syrup, intending to some day make the master cleanse detox drink (lemons, water, maple syrup & cayenne pepper/ or chilli flakes would be easier to find in Vietnam!). I actually like An Nam Gourmet heaps - though their prices are really premium -_- *sob* .. but hey, most of the stuffs are imported hence the high prices.

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