so much for my will power. i have ditched the lemon detox, but still kept exercising at least 30-45 minutes a day. lost only 1kg. kind of sad... but hey, it only works if i try harder. 

am on another diet pill, this time i hope it is easier to follow than the detox. 

I'm heading to saigon in the next few days, to catch up with the progress of paperwork we had done for our project. It's always so hard since i'll be having meals with my family daily. Fingers crossed. will power please stay with me. 

Here are a few photos i took with my mom when she came to hanoi for a visit. i love love love her so so muchhhh. 



Had ramen at a japanese restaurant in Tay Ho. The ramen wasn't good, only the gyoza and grilled meats were good.