detox trial

So it's almost 2015. In an attempt to shed a few extra kilos, I bought some syrup, and make a detox mixture (lemons, syrup, chilli powder) to try out for taste. Surprisingly the drink doesn't taste so bad!! 

I guess I need to try out this detox to shed a few kgs off. I have gained quiet a bit over the last few months. Yesterday lunch was just cauliflowers, and dinner was melon soup. 

I don't know if i can last 10 days on just this drink alone, sure it will be difficult. 
My friends in Australia as I remembered did this detox few years ago. At the time I asked her how she lost weight - she said she only ate/drink lemons and chillies, now I realized then she must be talking about this detox. 

Let's see, I hope I can last through the 1st 3 days. I heard the first 3 days are the hardest. 

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