Sunday Morning...

so we went to one of our fave cafe in Hanoi this morning. :) i bought some simple very traditional probably can only be bought in vietnam street snacks.

I did also ordered these 2 chunky oversized scarves to combat the winter blues (no not really, i just really want to have some chunky oversized fuzzy scarves!!). They're from asos. 

I used to have a few wonderful really chunky oversized knit scarves which i bought from Australia. However dear hubby has decided that since my move back to live in Ho Chi Minh city - i don't need such thick scarves anymore - so he got rid of them. 
*sob* now low and behold, we had to move to Hanoi - and winter in Hanoi is freezinggggg - :'( and am without any of my super chunky knitted scarves? noooo.


winter morning

winter morning in Hanoi, went to ran errands, and got some paperworks done.

Christmas is near, but seems like they don't decorate much for Christmas in Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh city has much better Christmas decorations for sure.



�� i hate it. �� 13 degrees aint even true, must be like 9 degrees now. �� am freezing!!! 

oh the light bulbs need to be replace too. ������

Random Christmas thought, �� there's only one wish that I have for both xmas and new year ������... ��can't say it, cause i dunno.. scared that imma jinx it. ��




it's 10 degrees in Hanoi, Vietnam - and i'm freezing!!!!!! :(

Yes, I generally am more fond of winter in comparison to summer. However the cold has became a little more intolerable this winter. I have no idea why this is the case, perhaps i'm getting older? ha-ha.

First, I was getting up at 6.30am daily to go for a 1hour walk. Now it is impossible to get out of bed :'( ... what am I to do? perhaps excercising indoor with the heater on is also one of many possible solutions.

i miss saigon so terribly right now. :(