am down 4kg. 5kg more to go @_@"... 

nothing taste as good as skinny feels, really. 

i have gotten bored of the treadmill nowadays :'( instead, walking outside feels much better, an hour a day. i miss sydney dearly, with all the amazing views and beautiful walks. i walked and lost way too much back in sydney. :( now that am in vn there's nowhere to walk. :( aniwei have to adjust to this, rightio?

mom's lost an amazing 13kg. oh how i wish to be her. 

rainy where i am... 


water bottle

drink more water. lots of it. more is more. -_- 650ml bottle, gawk up 4-5 of these a day at least. goal goal goal


Hello May...

So, it's been ages since I last updated the blog. yes old news.

life has been hectic with the move to a different city, with new humongous plan for myself. yet to be reveal.

this morning started with unable to sleep at 3.50am. Woke up, browse around the web, do some crazy-i-should-not-be-doing-this makeup and skincare shopping. Did some light exercise on the treadmill for just a short 15 minutes. I couldn't bare continue on for the whole 30-45 minutes so I decided that I would break it into 2-3 short 15 minutes a day on the treadmill.

so here are the damages of this early morning shopping :( ... though i still can't wait for them to arrive and try these products out. ha-ha!! epic. :"> mooooney saving failed. perhaps should try not to eat carb the evening before so I could sleep better to avoid early morning online shopping craze?!

- Clio lip cure lipstick in red
- Various colours of Clio waterproof eyeliners
- Banila Co. CC cream set ( am still unsure about this trend of dewy face finished - after all those years of being totally converted to a matte face finished
- curling tong (yes i have no idea why I need another curling iron in my life?! :'( )


haiii jayne

a few outfit inspo of the fashionista Jayne Min

Thú vị với phong cách menswear "khác người" của Jayne Min 8

Thú vị với phong cách menswear "khác người" của Jayne Min 9

Thú vị với phong cách menswear "khác người" của Jayne Min 27

Thú vị với phong cách menswear "khác người" của Jayne Min 30

am loving ripped loose jeans mix with t-shirts/shirts/denim shirts/ ... atm.. but mostly with a simple black/white tee


my new bebe

:) hubby has gotten me another baby boy. He's an Exotic Shorthair beautiful little babe.

(the one on the right)

:) also one on the right

I will update more pics of babe later. His name is suDo (pronounce su-đô :-" in vnese)

and here's a pic of my other 2 cats. They're both boys. :-" One at the front is a British Shorthair Blue call suGấu; one at the back is a Scottish Folds Silver name suBeo :"> 

all my cat's name started with "su" cause my 1st ever cats were named sushi& sumo .. :) so now I like to add Su to all their names as middle name.. lol... :))..



so Bry and I went to get a tattoo, which is the date of when we actually went out together. ya noeee the gf/bf cheesy shiet. :P that was 5 yrs ago...

and the quote is french.. ;)... 

yes we've been wanting to get this date tatt for a while. finally got it after we got married for half a year. hahaha, we just need to be sure ya noe ;)... :P 


Hanoi 2013 recaps

So here are some of the pictures I've captured during our stay for Tet holiday in Hanoi. :) heaps of friends were back from Australia. We enjoyed every single moments together with our friends ^^...

Some of our friends from Melbourne couldn't make it back this Tet Holiday. Know that you guys are greatly missed by us :-*

To top that off, we enjoyed Tet holiday in the cold weather of Hanoi winter too. ^^ I'm a fan of winter.. lala winter wonderland.. :-"

On the street of Hanoi at Giao Thua 

Hubby & 1 of his best mate :)

Oh Haiiiiiii :)) .. look who's a bag lady.. haha.. or a bag gentleman?? ;) 

Gotta love the view from Metropole Hotel cafe :) perrrfect with red wine shared amongst friends

'Sup homies :)

On the street of Hanoi :)

Dinner with friends :) Melbourne Reunion in Hanoi 2013

Hello 2013

after watching Fireworks we went off to a small laneway near HoanKiem lake to had Ice lemon Teas ;) Hanoi style