detox trial

So it's almost 2015. In an attempt to shed a few extra kilos, I bought some syrup, and make a detox mixture (lemons, syrup, chilli powder) to try out for taste. Surprisingly the drink doesn't taste so bad!! 

I guess I need to try out this detox to shed a few kgs off. I have gained quiet a bit over the last few months. Yesterday lunch was just cauliflowers, and dinner was melon soup. 

I don't know if i can last 10 days on just this drink alone, sure it will be difficult. 
My friends in Australia as I remembered did this detox few years ago. At the time I asked her how she lost weight - she said she only ate/drink lemons and chillies, now I realized then she must be talking about this detox. 

Let's see, I hope I can last through the 1st 3 days. I heard the first 3 days are the hardest. 


new winter coat for Subom

Last night My husband and I went to petmart to look for a winter jacket for Subom (our male exotic shorthair babe).

I found something nice for him - well it was my only choice cause they didn't have too much sizes in stock. It was the only one that fit! 

Anyhow, Subom looks rather handsome in his new jacket, i think. ^_^ even though the top is still a little bit big for him. 

a little cafe in hanoi

a few pictures from today. we went to a little cafe, which is called "cup of tea". it's pretty cute. Their Chocolate Lava cake is super wonderful.


lunch with hubby

It's still freezing in Hanoi. It's so difficult to  get up early in the morning to exercise.

We had ChαΊ£ CΓ‘ for lunch, it was amaaaazing. Afterward, we had drinks at the Kitchen in Tay Ho District. I didn't think much of the Kitchen, it was alright, a little bit similar to Puku cafe but I liked Puku much better.

Tay Ho district in Hanoi is a little similar to Thao Dien of Ho Chi Minh city. The area looked nice, heaps of nice looking houses and a lot of expats live in this area of Hanoi.

I found An Nam Gourmet market on Xuan Dieu St, Tay Ho too!!! I bought myself a bottle organic maple syrup, intending to some day make the master cleanse detox drink (lemons, water, maple syrup & cayenne pepper/ or chilli flakes would be easier to find in Vietnam!). I actually like An Nam Gourmet heaps - though their prices are really premium -_- *sob* .. but hey, most of the stuffs are imported hence the high prices.


D'Alice in Hanoi

I'm today we went to a friend's soft opening of his desserts cafe in Hanoi. the cafe was chic and beautiful, such great style.

the cakes were amazing too, unfortunately i forgot to take pictures of the dishes, more for next time.

the place's called "D'Alice", and it is on Trieu Viet Vuong St., Hanoi. 


pet spa

So i brought my lil babe to pet spa to have a little pampering session yesterday. 

Had him tried on this cute top - but unfortunately it was too big for him. :( they didn't have other smaller sizes so I didn't get this top for him. 

Dear hubby and I mutually decided not to splurge on any xmas gifts for each other this year. We are saving for next year coming events of course. :) next year and the year after that - will be our focus and we'll put all that we have into this project. :) new year resolution is of course to try our best and make a dream comes true.

a few pictures taken of Hanoi streets and views. I loveeeeeee Ding Tea black tea and honey. 


night out

Today was a friend's bday dinner. :) so we headed out. It felt pretty good to do a night out make up. 

Since taking skincare medicines I have not been wearing make up daily, perhaps only once or twice a week. Never the less it does feel good to look pretty for a night out ;) 

Those Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks are seriously the bombs! I love the texture, and it does wear out beautifully. I probably need them in every colors now.. lol.. specially the red ones. :( but darn, I don't wear makeup daily anymore... 


Sunday Morning...

so we went to one of our fave cafe in Hanoi this morning. :) i bought some simple very traditional probably can only be bought in vietnam street snacks.

I did also ordered these 2 chunky oversized scarves to combat the winter blues (no not really, i just really want to have some chunky oversized fuzzy scarves!!). They're from asos. 

I used to have a few wonderful really chunky oversized knit scarves which i bought from Australia. However dear hubby has decided that since my move back to live in Ho Chi Minh city - i don't need such thick scarves anymore - so he got rid of them. 
*sob* now low and behold, we had to move to Hanoi - and winter in Hanoi is freezinggggg - :'( and am without any of my super chunky knitted scarves? noooo.


winter morning

winter morning in Hanoi, went to ran errands, and got some paperworks done.

Christmas is near, but seems like they don't decorate much for Christmas in Hanoi. Ho Chi Minh city has much better Christmas decorations for sure.



πŸ˜” i hate it. πŸ˜” 13 degrees aint even true, must be like 9 degrees now. 😭 am freezing!!! 

oh the light bulbs need to be replace too. 😷😷😷

Random Christmas thought, 😬 there's only one wish that I have for both xmas and new year 😍😍😍... 😁can't say it, cause i dunno.. scared that imma jinx it. 😝