all nighter

pulled an all nighter last night... its been a long while since i have had one of those.. i guess i expect i will be pulling another 2-3 all nighters soon. kkkkk hubby gone away for a business trip is not so fun. however, there is an upside to this, well.. being alone aint that scary, not as much as it used to be. 



the wait

waiting for the answer from the project. don't people just hate waitinng? :( specially waiting for months... oh dear.. :( am so anxious. 

i need to talk, i need to be talking to feel a tiny bit better about this. but i dont want to talk too much to people who i shouldnt talk that much about - you know what i mean. i just dont want to bored the hell out of them. :(



so i've lost 4kg so far. have reduced my cravings heaps, still got like 7kgs to go... i need a miracle. gah.. patient, patient... 

waiting for good news with the project. should be soon. am so tired and very much want the days to pass by quickly so much. but good things come to those who wait. so yes i am doing the waiting now. 

oh my god what i would give... 

am so inlove with this hair color. it's light brown. i have had permanent hair gloss applied to mine and my hair's now a dark brown. :( but now that it's been glossed, the gloss doesnt budge!!! so it's more difficult to lighten my hair color. argh i'm so annoyed. Once again I need to wait 2 more months and just hope that the gloss would budge a bit, then i'll go lighten up my hair. 

Just pictures from the internet of my desired hair color. i want to be a brunette!!